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An employment contract sets out the rights and responsibilities of the employer and the employee. It can be regarded as the foundation stone of the employment relationship. Getting the employment contract right from the beginning is essential and, in the event of a dispute, can prevent a lot of time and expense.

It is essential that employment contracts are drafted to meet the specific needs of a business and that legitimate business interests are protected. Restraint clauses can be included to prevent employees from working for competitors for a specified period of time after leaving an organisation. Mobility clauses provide maximum flexibility and reduce potential redundancy costs. Confidentiality clauses are important to protect intellectual property rights and other sensitive information. Businesses are advised to monitor e-mail and internet use, but may only lawfully do so if they reserve the right within the employment contract.

Recently, many businesses have considered taking on staff on a self employed basis. There are many complex considerations and procedures in order to be able to legitimately operate in this manner. If you do not implement this correctly the business can be liable to pay all the normal deductions that should have been made against the salary paid to the individual. Emplex offers expert advice in this area. 

Emplex we draft employment contracts which are designed to address the needs of our clients and to ensure legal compliance. Emplex employment contracts are written in plain English, not in ‘legalese’, so that both employers and employees are clear as to what is expected from them.

All employees have the right to receive a written statement of their terms and conditions within two months of starting work and employers can be penalised if they fail to provide a copy upon request by an employee.

Our fees for employment contracts are competitive - even when compared with ‘off the shelf contracts’. For further information, or to obtain a quote, contact
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