The need to make staff redundant has, sadly, become an increasingly familiar aspect of today’s business environment, causing understandable stress to both employees and employers.

If you are considering making staff redundant it is essential to follow fair and correct procedures to avoid a claim to an employment tribunal. As redundant employees are increasingly finding it hard to find new employment, more disgruntled ex employees are resorting to the employment tribunals.

Employers need to carefully consider the selection of candidates for redundancy by identifying correct ‘pools’ of staff from which those who may be made redundant are to be selected. Once the correct pool has been identified (and this is usually the trickiest bit) selection criteria should be published to identify which members of staff from within the pool will potentially be made redundant.  

It is essential to properly consult with those employees affected and to use proper procedures to implement the redundancies, if the redundancy becomes necessary.  To ensure that you identify the correct pool, use objective selection criteria and follow the correct procedures it is advisable to take legal advice from the outset.

Employers also need to consider whether there is any obligation to pay an enhanced redundancy payment or whether to pay the legal minimum.

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