Tribunal Representation


If you believe that you have a claim against your employer which you have been unable to resolve by discussion with the employer you can take a claim to the employment tribunal. You have to lodge your claim within 3 months of the event occurring and the tribunals are very strict on this point.

An explanation of the process and the relevant forms are available on line from the tribunal website and for straightforward claims it is possible to lodge a claim for free without taking legal advice.

Emplex does have significant experience in formatting and drafting claims to ensure that all the relevant issues are brought to light and presented in the most beneficial way and can offer support and guidance as well as professional drafting of claims.

Emplex can engage on your behalf with the employer to attempt to resolve the situation without the lengthy wait and potential cost of progressing to a full hearing and this very often will lead to an acceptable outcome.

If things do progress to a full hearing Emplex can assist with the preparation of witness statements, provide advice on process and protocols and if needed directly represent you at the hearing.

Of course you can represent yourself and use the services of Emplex in the background.

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