HR Policy Review


The Emplex HR Policy Review is designed to ensure that your employment contracts, company handbooks and general employment policies are up-to-date and are fully compliant with the law.

Why Have A Policy Review?

Employment law is often viewed as a necessary evil – time constraints make it difficult to review existing policies in light of new legislation and all too often procedures are only reviewed when something has gone wrong!

A failure to implement correct procedures can be time-consuming and expensive. For example a failure to comply with the ‘Right to Request’ to continue working beyond retirement age can lead to a compulsory retirement becoming an automatically unfair dismissal.

The Review

The HR Policy Review is designed to suit the needs and budget of clients. It may include an on-site visit by an Emplex lawyer who will meet with relevant managers to discuss employment policies and other employment issues. All policy reviews include a thorough inspection of relevant documentation including:      

  • Contracts of Employment
  • Company Handbook
  • Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures
  • Equal Opportunity Policies including anti age discrimination policies
  • Diversity Policies
  • E-Mail Monitoring and Internet Policies
  • Family Friendly Policies – including flexible working for parents and carers
  • Compliance with the Working Time Regulations
  • Consultation and Information Policies
  • Absence management policies


Following the review you will be presented with a comprehensive report (written in plain English!) highlighting any policies or procedures which are not fully compliant with current law along with our recommendations on how to deal with these issues. Clear advice will also be given on any necessary changes to policies or procedures to comply with known future legislation.

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