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National Minimum Wage (per hour): (revised figure from October 2014)

Current Statutory Payment Rates (per week)

Adult 21+ £6.70 Statutory Maternity Pay £139.58
Young Adult 18 -20 £5.30 Statutory Paternity Pay £139.58
Young 16 - 17  £3.87

Statutory Adoption Pay

Statutory Shared Parental Pay



Apprentice (if under 19 or in first year of apprenticeship) £3.30

Statutory Sick Pay

£ 88.45
Minimum Statutory Notice Period Employment Tribunal Awards
Under one month of service no statutory minimum notice Unfair dismissal:  
One month – 2 yrs not less than one week’s notice

Maximum basic award

2 – 12 years one week’s notice for each year Maximum compensatory award £78,335 or 12 months salary whichever is lower
12+ years’ service not less than 12 weeks’ notice Limit on a weeks’ pay

£475 (gross)

    Unlawful discrimination: No Limit
Statutory Redundancy Pay
Redundancy Pay for each complete year of continuous employment based on age:
Between 18 – 21 ½ week of pay    
Between 22 – 40 1 week of pay    
Between 41 – 65 1½ weeks of pay    
A weeks’ pay is currently £475    

At the beginning of April 2014, the government introduced the new 'Early Conciliation' for employees and employers who wish to bring a claim to the employment tribunal. Since 6 May 2014, this has become a mandatory step.

Before a claim can be issued in the employment tribunal, one of the parties must first contact ACAS, unless one of the limited exceptions applies.

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